Securing Critical Data

Protecting companies against ongoing cyber attacks is what Talos Consulting was created to do. Take a stand and begin utilizing our expert knowledge today.



Our consultants are trained industry professionals who are aware of what weaknesses cyber-criminals look for when attempting to hack critical assets. By utilizing a threat based approach, Talos is able to completely test your current security posture. This helps insure that proper defensive measures are being taken. Businesses around the world come to us to have their infrastructures and applications tested against the latest security vulnerabilities and software misconfigurations. We are proud to have developed, in house, many of our own penetration testing platforms and tools. This has given us a competitive edge over our competition in discovering new attack vectors, which allows us to provide more value to our clients. We have access to huge exploit databases and undisclosed private Proof of Concept (PoC) attack frameworks developed by some of the most skilled hackers in the world. We offer a wide range of both automated and manual security testing techniques for all computer platforms and mobile devices.


Our Defensive Solutions are customized and tailored to meet your needs while safeguarding you and your customers. By incorporating our threat based approach to defense we are able to identify potential security risks and weaknesses that may allow unauthorized access to critical data from either threat actors or malicious insiders. Talos also incorporates a proprietary layered-defense methodology that essentially blocks attackers at every turn. This forces intruders to waste precious time and increases the likelihood of them making mistakes, leading to faster detection and remediation. Our expertise allows us to help you not only expose unauthorized breaches but prevent them before they can even begin.


Most organizations today find the complexity of compliance to be a daunting task. Leveraging both our offensive and defensive methodologies, skills, and tactics we aim to provide cost effective solutions for meeting PCI Compliance Standards. Our team will help you quickly identify and address your organization’s biggest security risks and their corresponding compliance gaps so you can successfully achieve and maintain compliance. This can be a difficult and time consuming task which involves technology, physical measures, and administrative controls. We aim to be there by your side every step of the way to ensure that nothing is left out, assuring not just compliance but the security of the organization. Our compliance expertise will reinforce your business’s objectives while meeting the latest security and privacy requirements.

Our Mission
Our Mission

Talos Consulting was created out of the need to bring cyber security protection to the nations top companies and the critical data they maintain. Talos’ consultants are experts from both the utility and security industries that have come together to create a unique consulting group that deals specifically with the cyber security issues facing todays top companies. Our cumulative expertise encompasses over 20 years in information security and over 33 years of utility experience. At Talos Consulting we know security and have a very unique and holistic approach to helping you solve your security challenges.

The Talos Consulting approach involves a blend of offensive and defensive security strategies that are applied to each aspect of your operations. These strategies allow your organization to discover and remediate existing threats, defend against future threats, and meet compliance objectives.

What We Can Do

We regularly consult with clients to identify flaws in websites, web applications, network services, and network protocols. Some of our regular engagements include:

  • » Website Security
  • » Web Application Security
  • » Software Security Assessments
  • » Network Penetration Testing
  • » Mobile Security Assessments
  • » PCI Compliance Consulting